A Flower Bear

The flower bear is made from the finest artificial roses and plush balls.

It is available in all colors.

With great care and precision, we will attach each rose separately, and every bear has more than 600 flowers.

We use the highest quality roses and material

Each flower is specially reviewed and selected by our artists. So we know that we use only the highest-quality roses for making.

Express delivery

Flower bear will be delivered to the agreed address within 1 hour or by appointment. We will also send you a picture after delivery.

Contact our team at any time to help you with your purchase.

  • Meda od ružica – 07

    4,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 09

    4,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 08

    4,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 10

    4,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 11

    4,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 12

    3,790.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 01

    6,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 02

    6,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 03

    6,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 06

    6,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 04

    6,990.00 RSD
  • Meda od ružica – 05

    6,990.00 RSD

Bear from artificial roses

A flower bear is a beautiful gift and can replace any flower arrangement or bouquet. The whole look exudes charm, luxury and it is very romantic.You can give it to ladies, girlfriends, wives, or just sympathies, and it creates the effect of attention and shows affection.It can also be given to mothers on a special occasion, or simply when you want to pleasantly surprise them.It is made of artificial roses or plush and forms the silhouette of a bear. We can pack it or, in agreement with you, agree on how to hand it over to a loved one.

Why Provansa Dekor?

Everything from the site is available and looks just like in the pictures. Otherwise, we guarantee a refund.Everything we make, whether it is a bouquet of 101 roses, flowers in a box, a gift for her, a gift for him or some luxury flower arrangement, is completely unique, the flowers are freshly picked and created according to your wishes and instructions by our artists.

Complete the Order with One Click

Order easily and simply online, and payment is possible

  • in our stores
  • cash upon delivery online
  • via PayPal
  • or any app from the bank.

Flower Bear delivery Belgrade

  1. Direct delivery of Flower Bear is done with great care.
  2. Just tell us where you want us to deliver a present or a gift.
  3. Each order is delivered with a handwritten note.
  4. And at the exact agreed time.

With one click, you will complete the order, after which you only need to select the delivery details and leave everything else to us. We will also send you a picture, deliver a message, or anything else you can imagine.For any additional information feel free to contact us!

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