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  • Mini arrangement in soft pink tones

    2,290.00 RSD
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  • A flower bouquet as a fragrant greeting card

    3,490.00 RSD
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  • 101 Rose heart - Provence Decor - Flower Delivery Belgrade

    101 Rose heart

    24,990.00 RSD 16,243.50 RSD
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  • Impressive XXL bouquet with exclusive lilies to knock you off your feet

    15,990.00 RSD
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  • A bouquet of roses in baking soda

    4,990.00 RSD
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  • A red sensation in the bouquet

    7,490.00 RSD
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  • A large basket of paradise and a teddy bear with several types of exclusive flowers

    21,990.00 RSD
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  • Soft pink flower arrangement in a box with pink wine

    7,990.00 RSD
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  • A lovely flower arrangement in a wooden box

    3,790.00 RSD
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  • 101 Red rose in a bouquet - Flower delivery Belgrade - Flower shop Provence Dekor

    101 Rose in a bouquet for a touch of luxury

    23,990.00 RSD 15,593.50 RSD
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  • Tenderness in a box

    3,490.00 RSD
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  • 101 red roses in a basket - flower shop Provence decor - flower delivery Belgrade

    101 Rose for subtle moments of tenderness

    23,990.00 RSD 15,593.50 RSD
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  • Luxury in the hands of a bear

    44,490.00 RSD
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  • Arrangement sweet heart

    6,490.00 RSD
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  • 101 red roses in a box - Flower shop Provence Dekor Belgrade - Flower delivery

    101 Rose for moments of sensation

    24,990.00 RSD 16,243.50 RSD
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  • Soft pink fairy tale bouquet

    7,990.00 RSD
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Flower shop online Provence Decor, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flower delivery is carried out on the territory of Belgrade. Every bouquet, every flower arrangement, bouquet of 101 roses, flowers in a box, is available and looks just like the pictures. We use exclusively freshly picked flowers and we create each arrangement especially for you. Please select: 101 roses, 201, 301… even 1001 roses! Flower bouquets, Flower arrangements, Luxury arrangements and gifts, and much more!

With one click, you will complete the entire order, after which you only need to select the delivery details, and leave the rest to us. We will also send you a picture, deliver a message, or anything you imagine and desire. Order online easily and simply.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us! If you are not satisfied with anything, we guarantee a refund.